Numerology identifies the frequency and characteristics associated with a given number. Each letter is assigned a numeric value, based on its sound vibration. It is believed that the constant repetition of a number causes a vibrational frequency to resonate throughout the universe.

Numerology is a mathematical and science system that suggests a statistical connection between numbers and various aspects of human life. Every number represents different personalities, characteristics and traits that shapes an individual’s life journey. The practice dates back thousands of years and has roots in various ancient cultures, including Babylonian, Egyptian, Ancient Greek, and Chinese civilizations. The basic premise of numerology is that numbers hold inherent qualities or vibrations that can influence a person’s character, destiny, and life events.

In Numerology, each numbers have its own unique vibration and significance. The key numbers in Numerology goes from 1 through 9, and each is associated with specific characteristics and traits.

Here's a brief introduction to how numerology is thought to affect one's life:

Basic Concepts in Numerology:

1. Life Path Number:

Derived from a person’s date of birth, the Life Path Number is a central element in numerology. It is believed to represent the fundamental characteristics and traits that shape an individual’s life journey

2. Personality Number:

Calculated simply from a person’s date of birth, the Personality Number is believed to reflect how a person is perceived by others and their outward characteristics.

How Numerology Affects One's Life:

1. Self-Reflection:

Numerology encourages individuals to explore aspects of their personalities and lives through the lens of numbers. It provides a framework for self-reflection and gaining insights into one’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential.

2. Life Guidance:

Some people turn to numerology for guidance in making life decisions. The interpretation of numbers can be seen as a roadmap, helping individuals understand their life path and make choices aligned with their perceived destinies.

3. Personal Development:

Numerology enthusiasts often use its insights as a tool for personal development. By understanding the vibrations associated with different numbers, individuals may seek to enhance positive qualities and address challenges in their personalities.

4. Compatibility:

Numerology is also applied to relationships, with the belief that certain numbers are more compatible with each other. People may use numerology to gain insights into their relationships, both personal and professional.

In short, Numerology is tool to help improve, enhance, and understand our destiny. It is not spoken on unfounded but the years of statistical research and testimonies that were received throughout the years. Your destiny in life is all written in your date of birth and because if we do not know our destiny, how are we going to change our destiny and take charge of our life? Therefore, understanding numerology is the key fundamental in life for us to have a better life by understanding ourselves first.

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